Gray Wedding / by brandonkeithphotography

I roll over to turn off my alarm and I look at the time, 6am. I open up the weather app to check the temperature and as you guessed, cold. Normally, being awake this early is not something I look forward to but I could barely sleep. Waking up every hour or so wishing time would pass at a faster rate. The nervous feeling that accompanies me most wedding days isn't there. There's no need to worry because I know that every single detail has been carefully planned out. This is a wedding Ive been looking forward to since the day I was asked to photograph it. The familiarity with the venue and couple suppressed any anxiety I would normally have. 

After arriving at the venue, the first thing I did was seek out the bride. Just to check in and see how things were going and start my usual routine of details first. The Dress Shot set the tone for the entire day. The weather was perfect, the mood was perfect, the recently constructed venue was perfect, and of course the bride and groom were perfect. 

This wedding, more than others, took an emotional toll on everyone, including me. Most weddings are consistent. The couple goes through the full gambit of emotions, but are usually pretty good at keeping things pretty even. The tension between Parker and Taylor is noticeably palpable. The chemistry between them can not only be felt, but it grabs you and makes you pay attention. It gives you hope that this type of love is out there for everyone. I'm a firm believer in being able to find love with a number of different people, but to find what they have is a rare thing. Every word of their vows, they meant. Every look was given with kindness and respect.

Something that i'll never forget and something I'm so thankful i was able to be apart of was when Taylor played and sang to Parker. It was such and intimate moment and they both let go completely. They shared a prayer, laughs, many tears and were just able to be in the moment, forgetting about the cameras for those few minutes. All I could do was thank them, for letting go and showing their love so freely. I'm very appreciative for them choosing me to be their photographer, but I'm equally as thankful that i've gotten to know the both of them over this process and I wish them nothing but the happiness and best of years together.