T H E C R E A T O R S V O L U M E #1 / by brandonkeithphotography

1. What's your name? Ben Pawley

2. Are you married/children? Married to my beautiful wife April for 6 years and we have 2 girls Aslyn (5) and Arabella (2). Always practicing for more.

3. What are your hobbies? Living with 3 girls my biggest hobby is shopping, which I loved before them, so now I have an excuse. I also enjoy preaching at bold service, being outdoors, and honestly chilling with my wife watching “The Office”

4. How about work? I currently work for Spalding Athletic.  Ive held several roles there, but Im currently the Product Marketing Manager for Footwear.  April and I also remodel homes on the side.

5. I've heard you have an extension shoe collection. What are your favorites?  My shoe collection is pretty vast.  Ive sold a lot over the last year or so.  It got pretty unhealthy for a while.  Current favorites are Nike Payaa, H & M Tan Chelsea boots, Adidas Ultra Boost. My overall favorite is tough to narrow down, but I would have to say either the Air Max 1 or my first design under Spalding, the Megaladon.  All knit upper on full foot bed D3O technology.  One of the most comfortable basketball sneakers I have ever worn.

6. What is it about shoes that inspires you? Honestly I don’t know that I have an answer for that.  Sneakers and really all shoes have just been something that I have always waved on.  Ever since I was 2 I was borderline obsessed.  When I was a kid it was all J’s and Nike basketball sneakers.  I was fortunate to have parents who encouraged my interest.  I didn’t know many of the kids names in my class, but I could always tell you what they were wearing. I wouldn’t say im inspired by them, but I am inspired when I see someone who is proud of their footwear.  I think it makes people walk differently and with more confidence.  Shoes can change the way your feet think.

7. What else inspires you? I would say im most inspired by April and the girls.  April’s style is very classic chic.  She always looks so put together and perfect.  Then I look at myself and I always have to reconsider what Im wearing. Haha.  I think my fit is on point and then she walks into the room and I no longer feel that I look like I belong with her.  She makes me step it up.  She is also very open with how she feels about what I wear and that helps a lot.  She lets me get pretty far out with the things I wear because she understands that I’m free spirited with my wardrobe. I like to push boundaries, try things that no one else is doing, but not just to not conform, but to take risk really.  When I design I draw inspiration from architecture, landscapes, and automotive.  I like drawing inspiration from things that have no relation to what it is im designing.  I may see a very modern building and then try and draw a shoe based off of that.  It doesn’t always work, but I think just the process of trying something different or out of the box is the only way to drive innovation. Another thing that inspires me is people who are themselves and don’t follow others.  The misfits, if you will. 

8. Where do you want to be in 10 years? I really like to have things planned out.  I love itineraries and list, but with my future I don’t try and look to far out. I like to think about my future, but I never want the future plans to dictate the present.  I firmly believe that God has a plan for me and as long as I continue to seek Him and His will I will get to where He is leading me. My wife and I love Paris, so maybe that’s where we will be in 10 years.