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Hey there beautiful souls! My name is Lindsey Nation Lewallen and I own a small business called Vintage Nation. We are advocates for anything vintage and everything out of the ordinary that has to do with bridal, fashion, and our absolute favorite, decor. I am here to share with you my knowledge that I wish I would have had when I was newly engaged. On this blog I will be chatting with you all a very broad assortment of topics. From the smallest of the smalls like what napkins should I have to the biggest of the bigs like is he the one for me. So here we go...

Brides, we give this to you in hopes that you take it with an open heart.

Slow down.

You’re newly engaged, right? Congratulations! (times a million) we are here to give you tips on everything wedding.

Well, after he pops the question, lets go over the next few “steps” to post engagement.

1 Tell the fam, I mean the whole fam. Aunt Linda will not be happy to hear it through Uncle BO, etc. Call them all, they love you. Let them share the excitement with you both. I mean come on.. They are gaining an awesome new family member!

2 After calling the fam, RESONATE on the present, bask in the moment. I feel as if there has been a sterotypical bridal mentality floating around that calls for instant wedding planning and stress. Be still, Psalm 46:10 He Says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” 


He says it right there. Be still. 
*Side Prayer: Thank you Lord for this constant reminder written by you, in times of excitement, and earthly plans we give it all to you. YOU are the reason for this season in my life. You are the reason for this uncontrolable love that is flowing out of me. Let me notice you in every little detail throughout the most exciting journey of my life thus far. Amen.

3 Be YOU. After giving yourself time to be engaged, you have probably heard the question “have y’all set a date yet?” somewhere close to a million times by now. This was probably the most stressful thing for me, trying to accommodate everyones “date preferance”. 

Brides. Please, please be you.

Don’t forget the flowers you saw in your dreams as a little girl while you walked down the isle.

Dont forget the seasons scent you imagined as you spoke with your future bridesmaids on which month you were thinking would be suitable to get married in.

I say this beacause you will get so many opinions on what day to set YOUR DATE. When I say “your” I am reffering to you and your soon to be husband as one. This is your day.

Sit him down, hear his desires, then share yours.

If you have a man who doesn’t care and just wants to tie the knot, then great. Discuss it with your gal pals or mom. Please do not stress over it. If you set a date, then have hesitations about it later because of rain etc then change it! This is your wedding. Just make sure you are set on the date before you send out save the dates.

SIDE NOTE: I am saying this like I am a wedding planner, I am not. I was there once too. I am stating all of this simply out of love. Don't worry, we will get to the fun stuff soon.