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Bride-to-be's this is a great way to get in some sweet shots of you and your significant other for a great deal! Vintage Nation will be there providing some pretty awesome décor and Brandon will be doing what he does best, making your pictures look like magic.

This is not only for all you newly engaged love birds. Its for the new mommies, expecting mommies, anniversary pictures, or if you want to get a jump start on your family christmas card pictures!

When: May 22, 2018

Where: Douglasville Georgia (40 min west of Atl)

Price: $125

We require a $50 deposit at time of booking (via venmo, zelle, paypal) the rest will be due upon time of arrival.

How to book? Email

Time: 30 minute sessions











Mothers & small weddings

Last week we touched on wedding gown budget a little bit and ways to avoid breaking the bank when it comes to finding your dream gown. Well, lately I have had a passion for small weddings as well as elopments. Now I totally get it if you have an enormous family and absolutely cannot leave anyone out. Big weddings are amazing as well!

For this post today I say this with a heart for love, with a passion for intimacy. I will be discussing the pros of having a small wedding, and since we just had mothers day I will be touching on moms as well :)


Elopment: an act or instance of running off secretly, as to be married.

Small (destination) wedding: 2-50 guests

After you set your wedding date, i'm sure you are going over all the people in your head that you see sitting in the pews witnessing you and your love becoming one. This can get a little tricky, you see sometimes if you have a quilty conscience and can't tell people no, then things can get a little out of hand. For instance, when I got engaged we decided to have a small wedding (50 people). As we were sitting down writing out our close family members names, my mom approached us with the idea of inviting her boss and a few of her friends. I immediately turned the idea down because she knew my desire to have a small wedding. Her explanation was because “it is respectful”. I replied with a big fat “NO, I love you mom but that is not what we want.”

side note: I love my mom, she has a big heart and “the more the merrier” is her life quote.

Ladies, we love our mothers and want to make them happy, right? I mean we spent our whole lives striving to do right in their eyes. When it comes time for us to make decisions with our husbands and not our mothers, we need to make sure we lovingly let our mothers know our hearts.

Mothers, this is so exciting right? Your daughter is tying the knot. Be sure that she and her fiance have the reins in this process. You are her biggest support system, so be it! Encourage her, and allow her to have her dream wedding and be there to make sure her dreams become reality.

The reason we love small weddings is because it brings you back to the root of love, it offers the intimacy that you desire on that day.

Here are a few reasons as to why we are obsessed with small weddings!

  1. All of the most important people in your life will be there. I mean right there! The smaller the wedding the closer they are to you because they won't have to fight for seats :)

  2. Relaxation. The one thing that a bride should be on her wedding day is relaxed. Yes you will have some nerves, but being surrounded by your closest friends and family instead of a bunch of people you have only had small talk with will make you feel more at home.

  3. Save money. You can save thousands of dollars just by cutting your guest list down!

  4. Customazitions. Now that you probably have some left over cash just by cutting the guest list down you can use this opprotunity to get creatize and make your wedding super unique just like the love that you and your fiance share.

  5. It is a whole lot easier to DIY when you only have to accommodate a guest list of 50 or under. Lets say you want to refurbish an old bath tub and put ice and drinks in it! It would be a whole lot easier to hold water bottles for 50 people than 200+!

  6. It is not a production. For example if something goes wrong you just laugh and roll with it, instead of having a embrassing freak out moment because you are surrounded by tons of people you are not too familiar with. Having a small wedding with close friends and family leaves no room for judgement because they love you and truly know you both! Here is a list of things that we have seen happen at teeny tiny weddings that we just all laughed about (during the wedding)

  • The end of Brides dress caught on fire (literally) there were candles going up the steps and when she turned her dress hit a candle. Thank God her uncle was there to put it out. It made an awesome story for later.

  • Bride forgot her bouqet, she walked down the isle like a queen anyways. Dont worry we ran and grabbed it for the pictures after the ceremony.

  • Bride forgot to do her daughter dad dance, don't worry they did it a few moments after someone realized they forgotten.

You see sometimes things are totally out of our control and the only thing to do is fix it and laugh about it later. I hope you gained some knowledge about small weddings. Whatever size wedding you decide to have I know it will be absolutely stunning.