The Ring / by brandonkeithphotography


The Ring, a formal agreement to a future marriage. 

"With this ring i thee wed."

 The smallest most meaningful symbol of you and your fiance's love and commitment to one another. When you mention engagement ring most people think of a big fat diamond ring. Now a days that is not necessarily the case. Non-traditional engagement rings are the new trend. When i say non-traditional this is what i mean. 


The rings you see above are stunning. Each one holds such a unique value to them. Not only are these rings cheaper than diamonds, but you can make them your own. Add your personality into your ring. You are probably thinking, "really how am I going to find a ring like that?"

well here are a few tips..

  • Ask your grandma, mom, aunt etc. I am sure they have an old ring laying around that they would be honored for you to use the gems in it for your engagement ring.
  • Research local jewelers. Call around and see who customizes rings. Tell them what you have, show them inspiration pictures. Please, please do background research on the jeweler you select to make your ring. 
  • Lets say you do not want to go through the hassle of making your own ring, well you are in luck, below i will mention a few of my favorite non-traditional jewelers and provide you with their websites. 

So why should I decide on a non-traditional engagement ring? 

  • Save your man money. He will be eternally grateful. 
  • No one will have the same ring as you. How special will it be to have a piece of your grandma or mom with you forever. 
  • There is always room to add more. If you come across other rings you love, add the gems to your wedding band!
  • They are gorgeous and out of the norm, you will have people always coming up to you asking where you got your ring! That is a great way to spread the word about non-traditional rings and why you chose to go that route. 
  • I mean come on, who wants to have a traditional engagement ring. Every girl deserves to show off her personality through her rocking ring.