Setting Your Atmosphere / by brandonkeithphotography


What a broad title... Think about your personal wardrobe style, your décor stlye and what attracts your eye. Now think about your wedding. Visualize your color scheme, what the groomsmen and brides maids will have on. Fall, winter spring or summer?

Once you nail down the above, that will give you leway to “setting your atmorphere” for your wedding.

Going through our daily lives we have those certain colors that make us feel happy when we see them. We have that one color we decide to wear more than the rest, same for décor! We typically have more décor in that certain color than any other color. So why not incorporate that color in your wedding!

Listed below I wanted to give you the trending color schemes of 2018 for all seasons. I hope you find your "happy" color and other colors that pair well with it to incorporate in your wedding.