Mens attire / by brandonkeithphotography

Ladies, does your man have style? If he is like mine and will wear anything you put him in then we are good to go. In today's "groom attire" anything and everything is in. I wanted to give you a few trending options that are totally cool and different. 

The thing is, mix matching is completely okay. It does not take spending hundreds of dollars on tuxedo rentals. Having your groomsmen wearing slightly darker or lighter coats than the groom will make him stand out more. Same with ties, if your guy wants a navy tie then pair the groomsmen in the same color tie that the color the bridesmaids are wearing.

Here are a few trending ideas for your groom/groomsmen 

  • Vintage suspenders (leather is amazing)
  • Colorful ties (floral, striped etc)
  • Wool vests (they add tons of texture) 
  • Keep it simple (button down and sports coat)
  • Leather shoes, boots, etc