Outdoor vs Indoor? by brandonkeithphotography

Choosing to having your wedding outdoors vs indoors can be a very risky decision. One of the biggest decisions when it comes to choosing a venue. Below are pros and cons of outdoor vs indoor weddings. 

Pro: Whether your wedding is held in the morning, mid-afternoon or early evening, and whether it is held next to a beautiful lake, in a garden, in a vineyard, or on a farm, the backdrop for your wedding will be the amazing, you will never fall short with the natural beauty of the great outdoors. This usually means that decorations can be minimal, simply enhancing the beauty that is already present around you. 

Pro: Outdoor weddings are commonly believed to be much more family friendly than indoor weddings. This could be due to the fact that children can usually be easily entertained by nature, and are therefore far less likely to pay a whole lot of attention to carefully-placed wedding decor. It could also be due to the fact that outdoor weddings, regardless of their size, can convey a level of comfort and relaxation that is not always obtainable with indoor weddings.

Pro: Outdoor wedding venues can sometimes be far less costly than indoor wedding venues.

Con: There is absolutely no way to be certain of the weather when having an outdoor wedding. Of course, you should always schedule an outdoor wedding for a time of day and year that normally has pleasant weather. However, you will have to prepare for the fact that temperatures may suddenly rise or drop for your big day, or you may be visited by an unexpected rainstorm, and you will need a good backup plan to switch to if this does occur.

Con: You may have difficulty getting the exact lighting you need for perfect wedding photos. Along with unpredictable weather comes unpredictable lighting. Whether it’s incredibly sunny or terribly overcast, poor lighting can make good outdoor wedding photos difficult to capture. This can be another reason to have a backup plan–a second, indoor photography site will help ensure you get the wedding photos you really want.